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Twitter radar

24.6.2020 10:35:31
NIX: RT @Masternode_Buzz: Best Performing Masternodes #Week25! @BitGreen_ @teloscoin @FlitsNode @XSNofficial @SinovateChain @NIXplatform @XSNof…
24.6.2020 10:35:14
PROUD Money 🏳️‍🌈: RT @janmiczaika: Wow, over 260 people signed up! We are now reaching out to the first 84 (7 x 12). Will repeat soon.…
EthLend (LEND)
24.6.2020 10:31:50
Aave: Catch the DApp 101 interview with @StaniKulechov today on @thedapplist twitter ✨
Steem (STEEM)
24.6.2020 10:29:13
steemit: 📡An easy guide for using the free signup system of #steemit. Follow the five steps and start your exciting journey…
24.6.2020 10:28:35
HERO: The middle of the week is a great time to do your next prediction! What do you think about that game? Like or Comme…
Steem (STEEM)
24.6.2020 10:23:55
steemit: 📡📡Notice of Steem development process. The free #steemit signup system has now been launched at…
Measurable Data Token (MDT)
24.6.2020 10:19:47
Measurable Data Token: Measurable Data Token: Unveil Covid-19 Imapcts with Alternative Data” AMA with @DigiFinex ‘s cofounder @KianaShek !…
Celsius (CEL)
24.6.2020 10:18:22
Celsius Network: RT @ArgosCrypto: .@CelsiusNetwork has just reached the huge milestone! 87% of all $CEL tokens in the circulation are held in the Celsius ap…
TrakInvest (TRAK)
24.6.2020 10:17:12
TrakInvest: Small investors rushing to buy beaten down stocks - Have you tried stocks yet? @EconomicTimes…
StockChain (SCC)
24.6.2020 10:13:47
StakeCube: RT @KYDcoin: We are proud to announce that the CEO of @stakecube $SCC has extended his KYD verification! Team details…
SaluS (SLS)
24.6.2020 10:13:12
Kushed: Well, that was nice a 🙃
Cardano (ADA)
24.6.2020 10:12:27
Cardano Community: RT @Cardanians_io: Thanks a lot @CardanoStiftung. You made our day 🍀 @Cardano #cardanoambassadors
Cardano (ADA)
24.6.2020 10:12:08
Cardano Community: RT @Fabian_vBergen: Thanks so much for those gifts @CardanoStiftung !! #Cardano #cardanofoundation #cardanoambassadors #ADA…
24.6.2020 10:11:59
TrustToken: @desperatePilot1 Thank you for reaching out. This is not TrustToken you are communicating with in the below attachm…
aelf (ELF)
24.6.2020 10:10:11
ælf: The standard for Blockchain-based Digital Asset Identification, submitted by aelf, was approved by the IEEE SA Stan…
Cardano (ADA)
24.6.2020 10:10:00
Cardano Community: RT @PegasusPool: 🎁 Thank you for the gifts and for building such an amazing community Cardano Foundation! 🙏 There is a lot to do for all of…
Cardano (ADA)
24.6.2020 10:05:32
Cardano Community: #Cardano 커뮤니티 뉴스레터 최신호가 발행되었습니다. #Cardano 재단, #EMURGO 그리고 #IOHK에서 발행된 프로젝트 관련 최신 소식들을 지금 바로 포럼에서 확인해보세요!…
Power Ledger (POWR)
24.6.2020 10:03:14
Power Ledger: RT @multiplier_news: Another exciting trial result from @powerledger_io.
Bibox Token (BIX)
24.6.2020 10:01:00
Bibox: Bibox Listed Defi DEX Leader Balancer (BAL) And Price Surged by 780% in Past 24 Hours
Power Ledger (POWR)
24.6.2020 10:00:00
Power Ledger: Inspiration, timing, vision: Dr Jemma Green discusses how to win at business and life in this episode of the Jeff B…
Origami (ORI)
24.6.2020 09:57:41
Origami Network: RT @Origami_MP: C'est avec beaucoup de fierté, que nous présentons aujourd'hui la marketplace Roxine Club, vide-dressing de particulier à p…
24.6.2020 09:53:44 RT @cryptomanran: It was so great judging this for @block_one_ . A completely virtual process where a each team submitted a video overview…
CoinDash (CDT)
24.6.2020 09:52:38 @RPLnode @AmMuroch Supposed to be!
Monero (XMR)
24.6.2020 09:46:50
Monero || #xmr: RT @sethisimmons: #Monero is one of the few communities that started (and has continued) a similar ethos and grassroots style as #Bitcoin a…
Ardor (ARDR)
24.6.2020 09:46:46
Ardor Platform: RT @IGNISguide: Austrian communication specialist A-Trust has launched the #QualiSig project, on #Ignis, part of the @ArdorPlatform #blockc…
Bankera (BNK)
24.6.2020 09:45:17
Bankera: @LeonelBoquin Hi, More languages ​​will be added in the near future. Stay tuned!
Ignis (IGNIS)
24.6.2020 09:44:11
Ignis: Austrian communication specialist A-Trust has launched the #QualiSig project, on #Ignis, part of the @ArdorPlatform…
e-Gulden (EFL)
24.6.2020 09:39:23
eGulden Foundation: RT @Imker_Bart: Of een ander lokaal “geld” systeem net als #bitcoin gaan zoeken. Volgens mij kan de #egulden (efl) wel een goede optie voor…
OriginTrail (TRAC)
24.6.2020 09:31:47
OriginTrail: Update v4.1.5 has been released on the ODN #mainnet today - introducing gas cost optimization in the offer creation…
Bankera (BNK)
24.6.2020 09:28:54
Bankera: We are happy to let our #Korean customers know that #Bankera website is now available in their native tongue! 한국에…
OriginTrail (TRAC)
24.6.2020 09:27:48
OriginTrail: RT @DrevZiga: Congratulations to @EVRYTHNG - one of my favourite innovators bringing transparency and visibility in supply chains. Great wo…
Bitcoin Diamond [Futures] (BCD)
24.6.2020 09:27:21
Bitcoin Diamond[BCD]: SCAM ALERT!!! Do not trust any unofficial links like this: Any irregular transfer and promi…
CyberVein (CVT)
24.6.2020 09:20:58
CyberVein: 💪We are on AMBCrypto! ⠀ #pressrelease #media #news #PR #data #technology #dataprivacy #data #bigdata ⠀
Sentinel Protocol (UPP)
24.6.2020 09:18:50
Uppsala Security: Our mission now is to support VASPs in meeting all their customer needs through the Global Crypto Incident Response…
24.6.2020 09:18:27
Vite Labs: Plan B: Vite-Centric View By default, the main page displays Vite-native assets. Clicking on "Vite blockchain" wil…
24.6.2020 09:18:26
Vite Labs: Dear community: We are planning major UX upgrades to the Vite app, starting with the main page. Between Plan A an…
24.6.2020 09:18:26
Vite Labs: Plan A: Multi-Chain View This view is meant to accommodate users that want to see all assets across different chai…
Hydrogen (HYDRO)
24.6.2020 09:18:06
Project Hydro: Trade $Hydro in Coinex . Trade responsibly.😊 #crypto #blockchain #hydro $HYDRO #Bitcoin…
Sentinel Protocol (UPP)
24.6.2020 09:17:45
Uppsala Security: 🎉 There is a new Center in town! 🚀 We are thrilled to announce that today, we launched the Global Crypto Incident…
Titan Coin (TTN)
24.6.2020 09:09:06
Titan Projects: Keep Your Child Safe with Advance Parental Control Titan Family Security is the tool that allow parents to manage…
Mooncoin (MOON)
24.6.2020 09:08:45
Mooncoin [MOON]: RT @thecryptomonk: To celebrate the last stretch goal reached by @ngrave_official for their fundraising campaign, we are giving away one Ng…
VeriDocGlobal (VDG)
24.6.2020 09:08:31
VeriDocGlobal: VeriDoc Analytics uses blockchain software to provide substantial insights into your data that you won't find anywh…
Nuls (NULS)
24.6.2020 09:06:26
NULS: @sunil9802456004 @BhatClayton @GoldNuls @Red112527 @ban_anz @LamarLuthy @DewittLinstrom @SpineliBeatriz @AndreasM3112 @CnnKCrypto Not yet
Tokenomy (TEN)
24.6.2020 09:05:29
TOKENOMY: Trading kapan pun dan dimana pun kini semakin mudah 🥳 Cukup trading dari handphone, raih peluang profit dalam geng…
Nerva (XNV)
24.6.2020 09:05:07
Nerva: It's wednesday, time to .........
Timicoin (TMC)
24.6.2020 09:00:30
TimiHealth: @HawkFightTalk @SoulTrainPT @bisping No this is us here in Texas! The beaches and club opened up and boom record sp…
Selfkey (KEY)
24.6.2020 09:00:00
SelfKey: Microsoft warns about massive phishing attacks. 😱#cyberattacks #databreach
SpankChain (SPANK)
24.6.2020 08:56:17
SpankChain: @valerian253 @kynchaturvedi @TomoChainANN @ameensol
Lisk (LSK)
24.6.2020 08:51:30
Lisk: Now for any state change the difference is being calculated and stored, so that in case of a blockchain rollback it…
Lisk (LSK)
24.6.2020 08:50:53
Lisk: Previously, when a new transaction type was implemented it always also needed to contain the logic to undo its acti…
BitMart Token (BMX)
24.6.2020 08:50:01
BitMart.Exchange: 🎉 After the first ✨Shooting Star Project✨ @Nuls listed on #BitMart. The price of $NULS has grown more than 40% with…
Lisk (LSK)
24.6.2020 08:49:11
Lisk: The 6th epic of #Lisk SDK 5.0.0 was closed. Undo steps for transactions are not needed anymore, they were required…
24.6.2020 08:47:43
COTI: Curious about Blockchain Dollars? COTI will reveal it for the first time during an AMA with Wolf Crypto, on June 30…
24.6.2020 08:47:17
Liquid Global Official: @Vanalli @Dashpay Thank you for your feedback @vanalli. We're referring to the InstantSend and not the trading pair.
Timicoin (TMC)
24.6.2020 08:46:06
TimiHealth: @SoulTrainPT @HawkFightTalk @bisping Please point to them out for us Each time some ignore…
Dash (DASH)
24.6.2020 08:45:15
Dash: RT @mattmeek_: Dash  —  What investors are missing (Part 2 —  The Treasury) #Dash #Bitcoin #Ethereum
24.6.2020 08:44:30
DAPS Coin Official: @JeffKirdeikis @Uptrennd When are you replying to Adel to get your interview done that's been postponed twice from…
Unibright (UBT)
24.6.2020 08:43:17
Unibright: RT @UnibrightIO: ⁦@UnibrightIO⁩ Freequity approach is based on liquidity pools, serving as an option to become a regulatory compliant repla…
Unibright (UBT)
24.6.2020 08:43:10
Unibright: RT @UnibrightIO: The Baseline Protocol explained in a short video! Like & Share 🌏💡 @baselineproto #ERP #cryptonews #SAP #CIO #CEO #deuts…
Bibox Token (BIX)
24.6.2020 08:42:11
Bibox: Ride every tide to profit every time.💸💸 Indeed it does😎