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Twitter radar

ZCoin (XZC)
3.7.2020 19:13:40
Zcoin: Thank you to everyone who has donated towards Zcoin's Lelantus audit! We have 80 contributions and 3982.59 XZC rais…
3.7.2020 19:13:21
Corion Foundation: RT @MiklosDenkler: Cross chain #DeFi will be exciting. Education is the key to onboard masses in #DeFi and #stablecoins. Let’s push this f…
Tidex Token (TDX)
3.7.2020 19:10:03 @DianeDaleJannie @Giveaway_Contst Don’t be sad man
Tidex Token (TDX)
3.7.2020 19:08:33 Day 1 Our #TidexGiveaway week just started 🔥
Ripple (XRP)
3.7.2020 19:03:23
Ripple: #RippleNet can empower financial institutions worldwide to enable faster, more affordable real-time payments for cu…
Sentivate (SNTVT)
3.7.2020 19:03:05
Sentivate: Make sure to comment your thoughts and questions on the Universal Identity System.
NAV Coin (NAV)
3.7.2020 19:01:39
NavCoin: A pull request with 157 commits are merged into blsCT branch. We are another step closer to the new #privacy protoc…
Ethereum (ETH)
3.7.2020 19:01:01
Ethereum: RT @etherchain_org: The new Ethereum 2.0 Testnet 'Altona' started rolling with four different clients this time.⛓ @sigp_io @prylabs @ethni…
Libra Credit (LBA)
3.7.2020 19:00:28
Cred: We're proud partners of #CryptoForBlackLives, raising crypto for #nonprofits in support of the ongoing fight for eq…
Sentivate (SNTVT)
3.7.2020 19:00:28
Sentivate: RT @Sentivate: The Universal Identity System plays a crucial role on the $SNTVT Network. Identity certificates serve as profiles for many…
Electroneum (ETN)
3.7.2020 19:00:01
electroneum: This NGO is using crypto to help hundreds of girls, women, and college workers. @WONDERFDN…
Sentivate (SNTVT)
3.7.2020 18:58:23
Sentivate: The Universal Identity System plays a crucial role on the $SNTVT Network. Identity certificates serve as profiles…
ColossusCoinXT (COLX)
3.7.2020 18:58:10
ColossusXT [not giving away ETH]: RT @CryptocoinRev: 📢#ColossusXT (#COLX) #Competition is active, Reward Pool: 2,750,000 COLX, 0.05 BTC To compete in this competition, trade…
SuperCoin (SUPER)
3.7.2020 18:56:30
supercoin.v2: RT @NLexch: Please cancel your orders and withdraw your coins till 31 July as we will shutdown everything by 1 August (00:00), we are not a…
Zilliqa (ZIL)
3.7.2020 18:56:26
Zilliqa: RT @IchbinsBanksy: Here some Infos about the NFT Platform Mintable #Zillacracy $ZIL #zilliqa $Crypto @Zillacracy @zilliqa @BlockchainAndy…
ZenCash (ZEN)
3.7.2020 18:56:18
Horizen: RT @Houseofcryptoo: @horizenglobal Full Node is the lesser-known Node Sibling. He understands the power of knowledge over brute strength. H…
SpankChain (SPANK)
3.7.2020 18:54:39
SpankChain: @CannaPoet 🔥🔥🔥 You're in! ✨
Sentivate (SNTVT)
3.7.2020 18:53:58
Sentivate: RT @paddystash: Yessssssssss!! The man knows his altcoins!! $SNTVT I implore you, if you haven't already.. Spend 20 minutes reading up on…
DigitalPrice (DP)
3.7.2020 18:52:42
DigitalPrice: We have finally fixed the formatting issues with the whitepaper implement on the website. Everything works now, Roa…
LanaCoin (LANA)
3.7.2020 18:49:19 $LANA: @XRP_force @lopp You failed to mention that if sha256 falls entire secure web falls.
Ardor (ARDR)
3.7.2020 18:48:36
Ardor Platform: RT @AvdiuSazan: ARDOR BLOCKCHAIN HACKATHON Compete for over $15,000 in prizes working with one of the most advanced #blockchain platforms.…
Ignis (IGNIS)
3.7.2020 18:48:15
Ignis: RT @AvdiuSazan: ARDOR BLOCKCHAIN HACKATHON Compete for over $15,000 in prizes working with one of the most advanced #blockchain platforms.…
CasinoCoin (CSC)
3.7.2020 18:47:47
CasinoCoin Foundation: #TrustTracker empowers players by allowing them to validate the results of every spin or bet, helping to solve the…
LanaCoin (LANA)
3.7.2020 18:47:45 $LANA: @Bearbearss1 @lopp Lolz so EMP strikes Earth and your concerned about bitcoin network being down 😂😂😂👌
Curecoin (CURE)
3.7.2020 18:44:53
CureCoin: RT @CureCoin_Team: Official 500 #CURE #AirDrop! Divided randomly between entrants inc. a 100 CURE Grand Prize. Like, Retweet & Reply with y…
Dero (DERO)
3.7.2020 18:43:54
DERO: RT @notoriousjoshyb: DERO will be using DERO Homomorphic Encryption Blockchain Protocol(DHEBP) Account based structures in future with next…
KuCoin Shares (KCS)
3.7.2020 18:42:55
KUCOIN: Vid (VI) Net Buying Competition, Receive the Value You Create: $15,000 in VI to be Won Rewards Distributed (Activit…
Dai (DAI)
3.7.2020 18:42:34
Maker: MKR holders can vote at More information can be found on the blog:
Dai (DAI)
3.7.2020 18:42:31
Maker: ⬇️Lower the Base Rate from 0.25% to 0% which, in conjunction with the Base Rate change, will set the following Stab…
Dai (DAI)
3.7.2020 18:42:31
Maker: An Executive Vote has been added to: 🔮Add Multiple Oracle Feeds ⬆️Raise the USDC-A Stability Fee to to 4% ⬆️Raise…
SmartCash (SMART)
3.7.2020 18:41:52
SmartCash: RT @crypmine1: Do you know you can TimeLock payments, activate smartreward, tryout new address formats and do much more right from your @sc…
3.7.2020 18:40:49
Ceek: CEEK invites you to the @FlexAforeal & @Shaniceonline #VirtualHouseParty #Livestream On SATURDAY JULY 11th, 6PM P…
1World (1WO)
3.7.2020 18:39:48
1World Online: We are very excited to announce that @1World_Online platform has launched across all sections on @BusinessDayNg,…
Decred (DCR)
3.7.2020 18:39:36
Decred: RT @_Checkmatey_: Rumor has it, Decred privacy mixing is coming to the Decrediton wallet in the very near term. Currently Decred mixes aro…
Winding Tree (LIF)
3.7.2020 18:38:43
Winding Tree: Thanks to all who joined our webinar hosted by @phocuswire. Humbled to see such interest from travel sector. More…
SpankChain (SPANK)
3.7.2020 18:37:58
SpankChain: 💦 Hot Girl Summer is in full effect. ✨ Signup at 👉 🔥🍑 #HotGirlSummer #SpankChain #Models…
SafeCoin (SFE)
3.7.2020 18:35:26
SafeCoin: Happy 4th of July!
Aeon (AEON)
3.7.2020 18:34:39
aeon: @RentonGrammy @Amy_Siskind @midUSAmom (and majority of the cabinet)
Aeon (AEON)
3.7.2020 18:33:56
aeon: @RentonGrammy @Amy_Siskind @midUSAmom House can impeach just as easily as Pence can invoke the 25th. 25th is actual…
Sentivate (SNTVT)
3.7.2020 18:32:55
Sentivate: @paddystash @tommarchi 🌝
Sentivate (SNTVT)
3.7.2020 18:31:40
Sentivate: Make sure to vote for $SNTVT own advisor @scottmelker
Smart Bitcoin (RBTC)
3.7.2020 18:31:03
RSK: We are delighted to share with you an exciting @BleumiInc announcement: the crypto payments platform has added supp…
3.7.2020 18:30:00 ✊🏽 Did you know? Most of the circulating supply of $WAXP Tokens are staked! This makes WAX the #blockchain with th…
Gnosis (GNO)
3.7.2020 18:29:49
Gnosis: RT @gnosisPM: Envisioning prediction markets as a medium of market-based information embedded across news and social sites, we believe thei…
Social Send (SEND)
3.7.2020 18:27:55
Social Send Project: RT @core_vip: $VIP trading is now available at Social Send Exchange @SocialSendCoin #Altcoins #cryptocurrencies #m…
3.7.2020 18:27:25
Ceek: RT @ArlanWasHere: "If you want to make the business world more inclusive and equitable, stop seeing Black founders as a cause worth support…
Aeon (AEON)
3.7.2020 18:26:15
aeon: @WCButler4 @wodemingzishii @jimcramer Nope
Aeon (AEON)
3.7.2020 18:23:36
aeon: @Room_For_Nuance @_TheAncientOne_ @AugustFreemanC @Fxhedgers The would seem to have minimal effect in this case sin…
Republic Protocol (REN)
3.7.2020 18:23:25
Ren: RT @defipulse: You wanted it! You asked for it! You demanded it! So here it is... RenVM is now listed at #9 in our rankings with $25.9M to…
Nexo (NEXO)
3.7.2020 18:22:33
Nexo: @Jonny_Qi Hi, this has been outlined in the following Nexo Help Center article - If you ha…
Nerva (XNV)
3.7.2020 18:21:50
Nerva: In any society, if they want to take away your freedom, the first thing they attack is your privacy. (ProtonMail Fo…
3.7.2020 18:20:59
ODEM: ODEM connects #students with #educators where students can customize their own education & earn the skills needed t…
Bitcrystals (BCY)
3.7.2020 18:20:10
Spells of Genesis: 👀 Discover the new Askian merchant ! ▶️ #spellsofgenesis #collectible #card #sale #new…
Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL)
3.7.2020 18:18:54
Quantum Resistant: Last day for the most technical QRL question competition! Tweet the most technical question you can that's relevan…
Compound Coin (COMP)
3.7.2020 18:18:49
Compound Coin: 🍻
Ark (ARK)
3.7.2020 18:17:20 June is over and it's time for the Monthly Update. This blog post will cover last month’s highlights, activities,…
GoChain (GO)
3.7.2020 18:16:43
GoChain: GoTrace solves the systemic issues that plague supply chains globally. Try it out today! 👉
0chain (ZCN)
3.7.2020 18:16:40
0Chain: Our Storage Protocol takes a different approach than traditional blockchains. Find out more here:…
3.7.2020 18:16:24
Official FREE coin: @cz_binance Happy Independance Day for the USA, let us all togehter continue to work for Global Financial Independance via Crypto ...
SaluS (SLS)
3.7.2020 18:15:44
Kushed: RT @drdavidsamadi: I cannot believe that they lied to us about Hydrochloroquine just to prove the President wrong. How many lives were los…